Mencap: Discovery & Design

THE brief

To create website component designs shaped by research with people with learning disabilities and their carers.

the work

Cultural Probe

Participants were provided with ‘Easy Read’ activity books to describe their use of technology and their home life to help us identify common use platforms to shape future design decisions. 

Each participant was then interviewed about the activity to provide further insight into their behaviours and feelings about using the internet.

Content Audit

The current Mencap sitemap was ‘tree tested’ to establish how effective it was as a wayfinding tool for the website. Then through workshops and further analysis, a new sitemap was designed to improve on the vulnerabilities of the current sitemap.

Common user journeys into the current website were taken to help prioritise areas of improvement and inform which website components were most in need of redesign.

Codesign Research

An accessible A vs B research tool was built and supplemented with advanced event tracking so it could be used as a qualitative design research tool for people with learning disabilities to participate in.

The research approach was then codesigned in workshops with employees of Mencap with learning disabilities and taken to multiple Mencap provisions across the UK.

Shaping Design Decisions

The findingswere consolidated into a Google Looker Studio interface and a report detailing directions for design and areas that would benefit from further research.

Visual Design

A series of website components were designed and collaboratively refined with the client. These designs were then further tested with people with learning diabilities and worked into a design system for the client to continue to add to as they encorporate the design

THE result

A web design project that engaged with people often overlooked by empowering them to shape the research process as well as encouraging their feedback on visual designs.