the shame of life: brand launch

THE brief

To develop and launch a card game on Kickstarter on a shoestring budget outside of my ‘day job’.

the work

Game Development

Using online focus groups, surveys and some of the strangest spreadsheet content ever known to Google Sheets, the idea for a taboo / weird conversation starting game was developed.

At regular intervals, concepts for questions and play styles where tested at in person gameplay and the game mechanic was simplified to its purest and most understandible form.

Social Launch

To provide a justaposition to the absurd and contraversial game content, the brand was shaped around early advertising and animation styles and a launch video was created in that style to introduce the concept.

Advanced Web Design

An animated brand ident was created using HTML and CSS animation, which played on the Looney Tunes opening sequence, in keeping with the brand styling. This was then placed on the homepage of the brand website, which was optiimised for lead generation ahead of a Kickstarter launch.

High Engagement Social Campaign

The game card design was printed onto a large card, which was taken around locations around the North Westand photographed. The question on the game card was then edited in Photoshop to give a way to engagingly ask and test game questions to the growing social media audience.

This, alongside some paid advertising, grew the social account following of the brand significantly, as thousands of people flocked to the comments section of each ‘big card’ post to read peoples’ answers and comment their own.

Street Filming

To prep for the Kickstarter launch, a small crew took to theĀ  streets, shops and bars of the Northern Quarter in Manchester City Centre to shoot people reacting to the game questions.

Kickstarter Launch - Funded in 8 Hours

The Kickstarter launched on May the 1st and was funded in just eight hours. This solidified the confidence in the project of those who had been following the brand, and played a huge role in the game ultimately generated 3x its fundraising target.

Advanced Social Advertising

Upon arrival of the units of the game, the full ecommerce launch of The Shame of Life took place 6 months after completion of the Kickstarter. Using an advanced multivarient testing structure for both advertising content and audience, the advertising was highly optimised and scaled, allowing for a large amount of net profit to be achieved on every sale.

UX Design and Conversion Rate Optimisation

The user journeys of the website were designed with inspiration taken from high value ecommerce products, such as personal electronics, rather than using the templated ecommerce approach used by most other game brands. This approach was tested using A/B testing approaches and itteratively optimised.

The website rarely dropped below a conversion rate of 5%, and often went above 7%. This combined with the constantly optimised and scaled adverising strategy faciliated a powerful revenue source for the brand’s future, selling more than 50,000 units of the game.

THE result

An idea started out on a kitchen table in Moss Side, transformed into a brand that started millions of weird conversations worldwide.